Our Vision & Mission


To be an institution in the fore front of nursing care by nurturing students through holistic, spiritual and scientific thoughts.


To provide students the right environment and inspiration to achieve their scholastic ambitions and to excel them in social commitment through quality and value driven education.


The faculty of the College of Nursing Guru Education Trust, which is an educational institution administered and managed by Believers Eastern Church affirms that the degree programme in nursing is based on formal educational principles on which the practice of professional nursing is built.

We believe that, nursing is a dynamic profession that is scientifically based and is influenced by advances and innovations in science and technology as well as the emerging trends in society and health care delivery system.

We accept the fact of having a responsibility to the students and to the society to make provision in the programme for the continued development of the student as an individual and citizen as well as an efficient nurse.

College of Nursing Guru Education Trust strives for the personal and professional growth of students, and believe in the concept of clinical competence excellence in education, holistic care, professionalism, evidence based practice and lifelong learning.